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New Year's Resolution: You Can Do It

2017 is well underway, and If you’re like a majority of Americans, you’ve already strayed from the promises you made to yourself. 

According to Quanti, a company that evaluates internet data, getting healthy was the most searched New Year’s resolution throughout 2016.

If maintaining a healthy lifestyle is at the top of your list this year, here are some healthy, resolution-friendly menu suggestions to keep you on track when you dine at Flagship Restaurant Group concepts. When considering our healthiest menu options, we kept in mind the following checklist: clean eats with low calories, healthy fats, high protein and fresh ingredients.

Healthy Options


Tortilla Soup

Ensalada Roja

Tacos (choose corn tortillas and back beans, no cheese and rice)

Fajitas (no cheese and sour cream)

Ordering tips

  • Avoid these menu sections: Stuffed Tortillas, Enchiladas, Combo Platters
  • If ordering a salad, we suggest Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette, Chile Balsamic Vinaigrette or Jalapeño Light Ranch

Healthy Options

Sashimi: shed the rice and go for pure cuts of fish for all the protein and none of the carbs or sugar. Any sashimi or specialty sashimi selection wins.

Maki: Avocado, Kappa, Sake, Tekka, Negi Hama, Pretty In Pink, Alaska Roll and Roja Roll, The Beach, Spicy Gringo, Rainbow Roll

Tuna Tower (with brown rice)

Squid Salad

Seaweed Salad


Edamame Hummus (no crostini) 

Miso Soup

Ceviche (no wonton crisps)

Chicken or Veggie Lettuce Wraps

Grilled Chicken Skewers

Anthosan's Chicken (light sauce)

Ordering tips

  • Substitute avocado for cream cheese for a small upcharge
  • Those eel sauce rolls you love? Eat sparingly.
  • Avoid anything tempura-fried 
  • Request light rice or sub brown rice for white on your nigiri and maki

Healthy Options

Vegan Currywurst

Root Burger

Salads: any salad with Indian-Spiced Grilled Chicken

Coming in 2017: Beet Hummus

Ordering tips

  • If ordering a salad, ask for Sherry Dijon Vinaigrette
  • Our portions are generous. Consider sharing your meal with a dining partner, or plan to enjoy leftovers at home
  • When your meal comes with a side, choose Pickled Veggie Slaw or Veggie Crudité
  • If alcohol is on your resolution plan, stick to light beers with low alcohol by volume (ABV)

Healthy Options

Fresh Oysters on the Half Shell

Peel 'N' Eat Shrimp

Fire Grilled Artichoke (no aioli)

Simple Fish: grilled or blackened, both work!

Smokehouse Chicken

Greens: any sala

Ordering tips

  • If ordering a salad, we suggest grilled lemons to sqeeze on your salad as a dressing
  • Tread lightly when you see these descriptors: crusted, fried, creamy, crispy

Healthy Options

Clever Greens  You're totally safe here!

Blatt Beer & Table See above.

Amsterdam Falafel & Kabob Choose the Salad or Plate style

Juan Taco Order tacos! Maybe not the Fish Tacos.

Yoshi-Ya Ramen Add an Ajitama Egg or extra Chasu for a protein boost

Yum Roll Order a Yum-Yum Bowl with brown rice or no rice at all

Weirdough Pizza Co. Our house salad is delicious and generous

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It’s not too late to fulfill the healthy promises you made to yourself for 2017. Consider this your official pep talk.

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